Acadiana Women's Network 2017 Series - Daring Leadership

Aug 17. 11:00 am

200 East Devalcourt Street, Lafayette, LA 70506
Lafayette LA 70506
(337) 482-1567

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Acadiana Women’s Network (AWN) is back and is daring you to be a leader (in all areas of your life) in 2017.

Join us for a three-part series to:

  • Gain clarity of your values and how they connect to your work
  • Deepen trust in your relationships, both at work and in your personal life
  • And step into the arena, ready to take on the opportunities and challenges of your career with resiliency and accountability

Frances McIntosh, founder of Intentional Coaching LLC, and hand-selected member of Forbes Coaches Council, will equip AWN members with the tools of authenticity, resilience, and emotional intelligence in the workplace to facilitate honesty and effective communication.

2017 courses are offered on:

  • Thursday, April 6
  • Thursday, June 8 
  • Thursday, August 17

You can purchase the entire series of courses at a discounted rate, or purchase each course individually. Attendance at all three courses is encouraged but not mandatory.


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