Wait, What? - A Comedy Drinking Game at The Greenroom

May 18. 08:30 pm

229 Jefferson St.
Lafayette LA 70501

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Lafayette Comedy presents Wait, What? - A Comedy Drinking Game at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 18 at The Greenroom. This is a free show.

Wait, What? is a stand-up comedy showcase mixed with a drinking game. Audience drinks when the comics do something on the list!

Maybe you've been to a million comedy shows, or maybe you've never been to one because your affinity for laughter and drinking games just never crossed paths. Either way, here's a good-ass thing for you.

Comedians perform their sets and every time they do something or say something on the list, you take a drink! Could be a phrase, could be a gesture, could be something that specific comedian *always* does!

Jason P Leonard 
Maggie Shipley
Vaughan Veillon
Joey Thibodeaux
Julie Mitchell

Hosted by Geoffrey Gauchet and Isaac Kozell
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