Adam Lopez

Jun 8. 09:00 pm

902 Johnston St.
Lafayette LA 70501

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Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review are a modern take on classic forms American Roots Music with a heavy Texas influence. From classic Honky Tonk and Rockabilly to Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues, A.L.R.R. aim to maintain true to the fundamentals of this music while carving out their own niche in the modern music landscape.
Sometimes staying traditional; sometimes pushing boundaries; sometimes experimenting with the merging of these styles: they always play with the urgency that made the originators of these musics exciting to both listen to and watch. From Hank Williams and Ray Price to the Sun sounds of Johnny Cash and Elvis. From Chuck Berry and Little Richard to Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard
Fans of more modern acts like Dale Watson, Junior Brown, and even Los Lobos may recognize Adam Lopez & His Rhythm Review as members of the same family tree. 
Led by Adam Lopez' mastery of guitar and raw powerhouse vocals, the Rhythm Review includes Mark Verschoor on bass and G.T. Scragg on drums.
They are currently based in Denver, CO.

Aden Paul is a Louisiana singer-songwriter whose music combines folk and bluegrass to tell stories steeped in American tradition and rich in imagery. He has toured nationally and recorded two albums fronting the country/punk band the Rotten Cores but has recently focused his energy on solo acoustic efforts, performing by himself or with a small ensemble.
In this more intimate presentation, Aden Paul's strongest attributes come to the forefront, namely his poetic lyrics and proficient acoustic guitar playing. His lyrical world is one inhabited by dark Southern Gothic characters and embattled but hopeful lovers living out their deeds and misdeeds to a score of folk fingerpicking and bluegrass flatpicking.


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