Travis Matte & The Kingpins

Jun 10. 09:30 pm

1919 Kaliste Saloom Road Suite 303
Lafayette LA 70508
(337) 806-9098

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Our group was formed a little different than most local groups. Our first goal was to get a CD out then start doing shows opposed to performing as a group then doing a CD release later once style was formed. 

In 2014 the band was awarded with 6 CFMA awards from the Old Time Cajun Songs recording and also released it's 10th record entitled "X" or simply roman numeral 10 which featured all original brand new Kingpins tunes including "When she's alone" and "Mardi Gras parade" which made nearly every Mardi Gras parade route.

In 2015, the band released two singles which received tremendous air play "Bye Felicia" and "He don't know you like I do" and in December of 2015 released the full CD including the 2 singles "Highly Influenced" which was titled as such due to the amount of various influences the band has and seems to not fit into any particular genre very easy but it is one thing for sure and that is "The Kingpin Original Sound"! :-)

We would like invite all of you guys to come and experience the Kingpins LIVE!


1092.7 mi