The Tumbling Wheels

Jul 20. 09:00 pm

229 Jefferson St.
Lafayette LA 70501

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The Tumbling Wheels draw heavily from American folk, country, and soul traditions. With influences as disparate as Bessie Smith, Hoyt Axton, and the Smothers Brothers, the band brings a peculiar blend of genres together for a sound that abounds in rich vocal harmony, dynamic instrumentation, and colorful storytelling. The Tumbling Wheels are emotive performers that will have you weeping into your gin one minute and spilling it on the dance floor the next. Either way, you'll leave feeling shaken and stirred.
With members originally hailing from all corners of the U.S., brought together in New Orleans' musical melting pot, The Tumbling Wheels are currently signed to United Bakery Records, a label based in New Orleans that produced and released the band's first album, The Tumbling Wheels play The No Counts. 

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